Dear Friends,

Photo: Ralf Emmerich

I am an improvising musician and I'm interessted in contemporary art and experimental projects. I also work as a composer and interpreter.

I am a ardent guitarplayer. I've been playing my Fender Jazz Master on a Yamaha G 100-Amp since 40 years.

In 1989, I joined the Initiative Improvisierte Musik  in Münster. Since 1992, I've organized numerous concerts within the concert series Stage off Limits. This has been the start of working with cuba-cultur , which is a part of the cultur-und-begegnungszentrums achtermannstraße, to which I am still very attached in love.

I am currently curating the IIM series elektroFlux - new impulses of electronic music together with Anja Kreysing.


born in 1960, born and raised in Lünen-Brambauer
is living in or nearby Münster since 1980
from 1980 studied musicology, music education; Lessons of jazz guitar with Axel Zinowsky, classical guitar with Klaus Krass, extensive self-studies and numerous workshops with well-known musicians (Peter O'Mara, Harald Kimmig, Hans-Jörg Pauli, Barbara Kemmler) and organizations (Noah Pikes and Kaya M. Anderson (Roy Hart )).
1989 Participation in ZDF-TV-organized
City Tune with the Performance Group
Onyx, first prize in its class for Münster;
Joined the Initiative Improvisierte Musik Münster
1990 musical design of the cooperation project
Diese ganze lange Nacht between the Kreativhaus
Münster and the Städtischen Bühnen Münster
with Arni Arnold and Martin Book
1991 - 1993 work as a musician in the NewDance group Sigma
(Choreography Christine Grunert)
1991/1992 musician from the Birnbaum production group for
Kurt Schwitters Zusammenstoß in
Collaboration with the Theater im Pumpenhaus
since 1992 regular appearances as improvising
Musician, productions with theater, film and
Dance groups, two more productions with the
Theater im Pumpenhaus
1994 Solo appearance on the Gitarrenprojekt IV (Münster)
1995/96 Gigs with luna7 meldet sich nicht
1996 - 2000 numerous solo and ensemble concerts in the northern German region
TonArt-Hamburg e.V, MIB (Bremen) IIM (Münster),
Kunstverein Dortmund, (including Phil Niblock),
continues to organize concerts and exhibitions (a.o. with Martin Riches)
until today numerous concerts as an improvising musician, e.g. in a special of the Guitar Festival Münster 2009
2002 - 2007 Cooperation with the African singer and multi-instrumentalist Kanga Vovo
since 2007 numerous projects with international artists in intercultural contexts (Ras Seblino, Carl The, Kulturverein Die Brücke, Afrika e.V., etc)
2010 founding the current formation kolberg+stern
2011 Start of the project Malen mit Musik at the elementary school Rinkerode
2011 Joining the Gesellschaft für Neue Musik e.V., Münster
2012 production Get Out of Your Cage with the performance-group quintEssenz, premiere in the Pumpenhaus Münster
2012 - 2013 Performances of production Grüner Salon, Kleiner Bühnenboden
2015 Transfer #1, Brise°3 Performance-Festival, Flensburg
2017 start of the projects gardens music, Kulturgut Nottbeck
2019 founding the group pitching hole
2019 release of the CD Songs of Life and Death
2020 start of the series Showcase-Concerts
2021 Foundation of the media art collective Goldemar Peoplez
start of the series Goldemar Days

July 25th, 2021, Michael Kolberg
complete concert-list from 2012 here ------------------------------------------------------

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