This page contains informations about MKs actual musical projects.

pitching hole

... stands for large formal spaces and thinking in long periods of time. With this work, the group pitching hole goes into the terra incognita and combines the composition with improvisation. Since 2018 pitching hole has created an distinctive expression. ... more

Goldemar Days

... are a continuation of the Showcase-Concerts, but now in the great outdoors. At the edge of a hiking trail, visionary music can be heard in a mysterious place, to be heard on site and at the same time to be experienced via streaming as if with a "portkey" from anywhere ... more


The concept of Showcase-Concerts has existed since the beginning of the corona crisis. Starting as a purely local event, this concert series has developed into an event on two levels, the concert takes place in the shop window and is also streamed via the Internet ... more

invisible dark matter

The invisible dark matter, the American poet Frederick Seidel writes in his correspondant poem, is something „we are not made of that I‘m afraid of“. But apparently this matter holds together our world at heart. In this audio-visual project by kolberg+stern the dark matter stands for the invisible forces that guide our lives ... more 

Songs of Life and Death

Songs of Life and Death is a musical and visual rollercoaster through the short life of the American poet Anne Sexton, a haunting mixture of concert, reading and live-projection. Michael Kolberg (e-guitars, sounds and effects) and Anna Stern (voice and vocals, live-projection) turn her lyrics into songs with hypnotic undertow ... more 

solo-programm ControlFreak

The current solo program deals with the tension between New Improvised Music and New Music. It consists of improvisations and interpretations from 20th century guitar literature.

A new interpretation of El Polifemi de Oro by Benjamin Smith-Britten is offered as well as Electric Counterpoint by Steve Reich in an own recording.

The program is played on a Fender Jazzmaster and an Aria full resonance jazz guitar, combined with a specially developed, complex electronic sound system.


Michael Kolberg organizes regular monthly sessions, the impro-meet, and annual New Year's concerts called Contraste with Erhard Hirt and the other musicians of the Improvised Music Initiative.

These sessions run in the Black Box  on the 1st Thursday of each month, with the exception of January (Contraste concert) and August (summer break). The impro-meet is the core of the Initiative Improvisierte Musik. Everyone is invited to listen and play along. Further information can be requested from cuba-cultur  and from me at any time.

gardens music

In a spacious, artistic garden, a musician sits behind a hedge and lets his abstract and floating sounds drift across the garden. The best idea is that a visitor to the garden slowly approaches and realizes that she or he hears something but does not yet understand what. This moment is magical because the human mind thinks everything is possible for a short moment ...

new impulses of electronic music


is a casual series of concerts and workshops. Together with Anja Kreysing MK started this series in 2019 in order to further advance electronic sound processing in improvised music.


is a site-specific sound performance from kolberg+stern . The Danish-German website kulturfokus has published an article  about the Performance Transfer #1 at the BRISE°3 Performance Art Festival in Flensburg. A video summary of the performance can be found here  ...

Der Grüne Salon

This format is open to every art genre: music, theater, performance, reading... In a living-room-like atmosphere kolberg+stern invite and present inspiring guests from Münster and neighborhood. In their own contributions to the program, performer Anna Stern and guitarist Michael Kolberg take off on a voyage into the unknown musical terrain. Their own intimate compositions are related to minimalist New Music and New Improvised Music. Afterwards there's time for conversation, in the cozy ambiance of the theatre "Der Kleine Bühnenboden". P.S.: Fresh wafers and coffee on the side!

(The project has ended.)

Get out of Your Cage

is an exploration of the philosophy of John Cage. Five artists from different genres approach the topic in a 60-minute performance.

Get out of Your Cage is a direct implementation - further development - reassessment of the ideas of John Cage and still remains directly accessible to an audience without previous knowledge. Get out of your cage creates a condensed experience space for performers and spectators, „giving everyone (including those in- volved) the opportunity to have experiences they would otherwise not have had“.

(The project has ended.)

Malen mit Musik

Painting with Music - is a teaching event for elementary and middle school students. The children play sound music using simple graphical notation on self-made instruments.

(The project has ended.)

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