... it's back: the Showcase-Concerts in the Rinkeroder guitar school. MK plays in the shop window every second Sunday at 3 p.m. It is the second season due to the second lockdown.

The concert on Februar 7th took place in a blizzard.  Feb 7: concert in blizzard

Just like in spring, the concerts are meant as a signal of strength,
expressed by means of art,
addressed to the perseverance of the fellow citizens: "We can do it"!

Unlike in spring, these concerts are now taking place on two levels, live in the shop window and live on the Internet on YouTube. For the implementation and the interactivity MK got help from the internet expert Natalie Reineke, who is already active in the chat during the concert and forwards questions to MK.

Funded by an artist grant as part of the NRW Corona aid

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