Goldemar Days

Summer is here and we will be accompanying it with a new series of concerts.
Anyone who knows our Showcase-Concerts from winter can now let the fresh wind blow around their noses. Five Goldemar concerts are now taking place under the open summer sky, with various guest artists and musicians.

So you can be there live on site on the meadow of the well-known rinkeroder artist Ben Uhlenbrock and at the same time participate from any location via live stream.
The concert is even interactive! We are happy to answer your questions via the YouTube chat!
So you are in the middle of the action from anywhere.


  • Anja Kreysing and Michael Kolberg
    Sunday, July 11, 3 p.m.,
    the well-known sound artist meets Michael Kolberg, accordion meets electric guitar, sound art at its best
  • Thomas König and Michael Kolberg
    Sunday, August 15, 3 p.m.,
    the influential saxophonist from Münster plays with Michael Kolberg
  • Lara Mbaye and Jonas Drees
    Sunday, September 19, 3 p.m.,
    brand new singer-songwriter music from Münster
  • Duo Partikelgestöber
    Sunday, September 26, 3 p.m.,
    sound art from Münster ... on Goldemar Day they appear with different instrumentation ...
  • Helene Hülsmeyer and Juan Gutierra
    Sunday, Oktober 10, 3 p.m.,
    brand new singer-songwriter music from Münster

A production by the media art collective "Goldemar Peoplez", Natalie Reineke and Michael Kolberg. The performance location on the southern edge of the Hohe Ward is easily accessible by bike, and we are also CO2-neutral by bike to the performance location.

According to the multi-part legend, the dwarf king Goldemar is said to have immigrated to the area after the murder and changed from Saul to Paul. Now he is a protective spirit over the nature of the Hohe Wart. His grave is also said to be nearby.

In our eyes it stands for cosmopolitanism and the 2nd chance, a welcoming culture and humanity. So we decided to name our concert series after him.

  • live-venue:
  • the location of Ben Uhlenbrock's meadow
  • Hemmer 68, 48317 Drensteinfurt, Germany
  • (if it rains, at the Kolberg Guitar School,
    you can get the latest information here ... )
  • The way to the live-venue
  • from Münster:
  • The GPS data for the tour to the venue
  • Komoot-User can use this link
  • from Rinkerode:
  • The GPS Data for the tour to the venue
  • Komoot-User can use this link

listen to it ...

Goldemar Day with Anja Kreysing

Sunday, July 11 2021, listen to it on Youtube

With Anja Kreysing the Goldemar Days started with a bang, the well-known sound artist, performer is a fantastic musician on the accordion, and so there was an encounter between electric guitar and accordion in a duo ... !!

Goldemar Day with Thomas König

Sunday, August 15 2021, listen to it on Youtube

Thomas König is a passionate saxophonist and at the same time a versatile and committed artist. With numerous productions, especially in the border areas of performance, dance and theater, he is a real veteran of the independent scene in Münster.

Goldemar Day with Lara and Jones

Sunday, September 19 2021

Jones Drees is a pure music person. He learned to play the guitar autodidactically and prefers to play from the moment. For him, music is friend, life companion, therapy and philosophy.

Lara is a singer who allows both her German and Senegalese roots to flow into her music. As an artist, she seeks the balance between music and poetry.

... brand new singer-songwriter music at its best ... !!

Goldemar Day with Duo Partikelgestöber

Sunday, September 26 2021, listen to it on Youtube

  • Gregor Bohnensack: wind instruments / voice
  • Thomas Schnellen: percussion

The Duo Partikelgestöber is one of the most innovative combos from Münster. Their visionary music  is made for a place like Hohe Ward. Their appearances mix performance and music into a unique event.

Funded by an artist grant as part of the NRW Corona aid

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